Jesus, the Savior

My daughter, your Lent has passed. Perhaps it seemed longer than ever, but what do you want? Do you want to rejoice? Holy Easter has pass by for you but my Cross still remains before you, lest you forget my tribulation.

Perhaps you have not yet understood that my suffering for you has not yet passed. Rather, these times are a weight upon my shoulders greater than what I carried on the way to Calvary.

Dear children, continue to offer me your sufferings. I need them to save many souls from the fires of hell. Pray, keep doing penance, offer me prayers, so that I can show to the Father your good faith.

My Mother has not yet finished suffering for you. She, the Queen, has made herself small and poor to help me save many souls of yours from hell.

Perhaps you are not yet aware of the danger through which you are passing, not for your body, but for your spiritual life, your eternal life. Help me to save many brethren of yours who run the risk of spending eternity among the flames.

Believe me, I do not want to frighten you, but I want to lead you into my kingdom, which is a kingdom of peace, of love, and of eternal happiness. Dear children, be happy to be helpful to me; do not turn away from this.

Pray and make others pray, because this pandemic will not save many souls without your prayers. I believe in you; for this reason I invite you to help me in this moment. I bless you. Bring my blessing wherever you go. I will give you a hundredfold.

Peace to you.

Jesus, the Savior

Jesus, Suffering but Victorious

My dear children, you need my powerful blessing. I, Jesus the Christ, bless you: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with all of you, with your families, and upon all my children who follow my Word.

My children, how many Judases are on your earth. I suffer infinitely; for this reason, I need you, your offerings, your prayers that come from the heart.

But how do you not understand that Easter is truly near? You are leading me to the Cross and I suffer immensely. I love you, dear children. Pray for all my children who do not believe, such that I may give them time for conversion and they might ask pardon for all their sins.

The Via Crucis for me is growing every day longer and more sorrowful. Hell is every day gathering more sinners, who are howling for the pains that they are beginning to undergo.

Dear children, make it such that many children, in these last days, be able to repent and ask you and other Christians to enter in and take part in your Church and mine: Catholic, apostolic, and Roman. Faith means only one thing, to follow my commandments.

I ask you to bring the many children who are far away back to my Church. Satan is making too many victims, all obedient to his false promises. Poor children of mine, time is running swiftly. Do not lose it following false promises and false adorers.

Riches bring one far from humility, charity, and all the less to my holy obedience. I love you. All of you are under my protection.

Jesus, Suffering but Victorious

Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise

Dear children, your Jesus begins to live among people. He is not always welcome, but rather he is often derided and vilified. But he does not, for this reason, love his children less.

I tell you this so that you might understand that in the times to come, you must not love your brethren less who do not show themselves to be such with you. Goodness, charity, love, often do not go hand in hand on earth.

I tell you, love your enemy if you want to bear witness to my love. I have always shown to whoever seeks to deride me, that my Father has sent me among you, to make you know true love.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the best and, for this reason, you must demonstrate that where there is love, there will be peace.

Be benevolent with all. Help whoever needs you. Do not let your distraction avoid good and do evil. Be perfect as He who has sent me is perfect.

Love always and do not hate, because you will know disappointment and bitterness. You know well that my end would have been the Cross, but, my children, you will know my love if you are ready to embrace the cross as soon as it is presented to you.

The ancient serpent still uses falsehood today to make you fall into his snares. Be shrewd. In temptation run right away to prayer. Entrust your problems to my Mother and yours. be calm and sure that, near us, you are always safe.

Bear patiently whoever does not demonstrate love to you and your prize will be the beatific vision in heaven.

Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise

Jesus, He who Is

I Am He Who Is!

Dear children, this expression must be enough to make you reflect. Who of you can affirm this? Only I Am, he who takes away the sins of the world, he who pardons the sins of his own children, He who listens to and knows all your hearts.

I lead you because I know the way. I console you when my children are in anguish. I guide your steps. Whoever draws far from Me runs the serious risk of losing himself.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; you cannot live without Me. Death of the spirit is the worst thing that could happen to you. Do not deceive yourselves; only by following in my footsteps can you come to conquer salvation.

My Mother and yours has the ability to guide you and help you in order not to lose you. Only She has the power to help you and bring you to salvation, She who leads into truth and prudence, necessary for following the right path.

Entrust to Her all your worries, your problems, your weaknesses, and you will realize that all will appear easier for you. I, above all in these difficult times, entrust you to her Immaculate Heart, but you also must seek to allow her to lead your life.

Do not live in fear. With Her you are safe, but Satan, with his wickedness, could put himself between you to take away your peace. I assure you, I am always with you. Live in my light and assure yourselves the joy and serenity that you need to live moderately.

Entrust to me your days and I will not let you go without peace, concord with your brethren, and hope of eternal salvation. I love you and I bless you.

Jesus, He who Is

Jesus, Infinite Love

My such beloved children, remain always united in my Name. On the straw, I began living in poverty but always united with my Father. Children are tenderness, true love personified.

Look often upon that poor cradle, [where] there are no riches but the infinite Richness of God. Be always small yourselves, my children. Love as I love you. Bless the Father who has wanted to hand on to you his beloved Son.

Dear children, love cannot be bought. It is given to all those who need it. I willed to be born poor in order to belong to all of you. There are no differences for Me. You all belong to me and to all of you I want to give Myself.

Take example from that small, innocent child. Let yourselves be loved, and at the same time love and share what you have with those who need more. Not those who say “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do on earth the will of my Father.

You are living through difficult moments, but always remember that after the storm the rainbow springs up. I am telling you that if you live like I myself taught you, not too long from now you will experience a greater joy, that is, my Most Holy Mother and I will show you ourselves, bringing you joy, serenity, and such great love.

Prepare your hearts to live in a new world where light and love will always reign. I love you, my children. Pray for those who, though they know me, do not love me. Let my peace be with all of you and let my blessing descend upon you and all those dear to you.

I bless you and protect you.

Jesus, Infinite Love

Your Little Jesus

Dear children, my Mother can teach you what obedience means. Without having known man, she immediately obeyed the angel that was bringing to her the message from my Father.

Her suffering was great, but immediately she trusted the word that came from God. My children, in your days one respects only the word of men. You say, “Lord,” but you no longer realize what, in reality, such a word means.

If, from your mouths, there no longer issues holy words it is because you are very far from holiness. Those dear to you have spoken, in their times, of what should be the most important thing in your life, but, unfortunately, the riches of the world have taken the upper hand in your spirituality. You have believed all the more only in what you see.

My children, you can also see the hand of God, but this would require too much time to think and then live out what your heart is making you experience.

Pray, seek for yourselves a silent place, invoke the Holy Spirit and entrust your life and that of those dear to you to your Creator and Savior. You will be saved only by filling your existence with my Spirit.

I love you, dear children. Return to Me and all that you have lost in all this time will return to you. Let love be the principle of every action of yours. Without love the enemy will gain the upper hand over God and men.

Return to true prayer. Repent of evils done and ask pardon. My Father will reopen to you that door that you have closed with sin. Let my birth be also your rebirth.

Your Little Jesus

Your Crucified Jesus

Your Crucified Jesus is here with you. Pray, dear children, that the justice of my Father come closer to the whole world by leaps and bounds. My two thieves must teach you something.

Pay attention. Repent so that you be in time, otherwise, everything will, for you, turn into eternal suffering. I am suffering so much. My Mother is more sorrowful than ever but my angels never tire of being close to each of you, to guide you on the right way.

My dear children, how is it that you do not understand that you are committing grave sins against the Trinity and against your Most Holy Mother? I can do nothing but suggest to you a loyal repentance that comes from a heart full of sorrow for all the sins you have committed.

The greatest majority of you humans offends the Creator for having, with greatest ease, all the comforts that the world offers.

You have not yet understood that soon all will finish and that earth that you have offended will swallow and cast into hell all my children who have not wanted to recognize me as their “All.”

To suffer forever the pains of hell will be their punishment. Pray for those brethren of yours who need repentance to be able to ask pardon. We invite you to offer some sacrifice in their favor.

I thank you and will give you the strength to resist that which will bring you sorrows and tears. I bless you from my Cross.

Your Crucified Jesus

Jesus, Man and God

May the Holy Spirit flood this little church, and all of you, in order to purify your hearts, your minds, and all of you yourselves.

I, Jesus, Son of God made man, come down into your hearts because now, more than ever, you need my true and holy presence.

I am made man like you. I worked on earth. I sought to speak and teach your fathers the Word of God but, unfortunately, man has always desired to take the place of his Creator.

Dear children, the time has come in which you must think again. Of God there has always existed “Only One.” Always remember that this word, “always,” means “without time,” without your time. Therefore, from the moment you are all mortal beings, begin to think that you must leave this earth behind, whether it pleases you or not.

You are mortal beings. None of you can enjoy this earth eternally, but I tell you: begin, in all humility, to realize that your life will be brief and that you must render an account for all your works to He who Is greater than you.

My Father will forgive only those who, from the bottom of their heart, recognize their own guilt. I don’t want to do you violence today, speaking in this way, but I want to clarify this to each of you, in order to prepare you for my second coming among you.

Don’t let these words of mine frighten you, but let them draw clarity in such a way that no one can say he didn’t know, that all that you are living through on this earth will soon have its true end. My Word is Truth and as such you must, for your own good, accept it and meditate on it deeply.

My children, my love for you is so great and I will not let you damn yourselves. The Holy Spirit is upon you. Let him show you the True Way. Let him lead you to heaven.

Jesus, Man and God

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

My daughter, it is not I who punish you, but you yourselves, with your wicked actions, you attract Satan and all the other evil spirits.

You, my little remnant, make this understood to those who are closest to you. I do not want to punish you for your sins, for what your faults, more than what you bring on yourselves personally!

Do no evil, not even to those who do not merit your goodwill. I suggest you pray much for these children of mine who are far from me. Through your sacrifice, many souls could be saved.

I always guide you to the conquest of good. Your good works touch my heart and I, then, seek to heal many of your ills. The illnesses of the body are nothing compared to the evil that tortures many souls. You know well that, far from God, there is no happiness, but only sadness.

Be bearers of peace. You are becoming aware that peace is found only in God. Therefore, treasure this awareness of yours and help, as much as you are able, my children who prefer to take their lives before heavy trials.

I love you and desire that with your good works, you be able to bring back to my heart sinners, above all those who no longer know my sacrifice offered, above all for them, on the cross.

Entrust to me these hardened hearts. Offer me prayers and sacrifices and I will use, toward them, all my Mercy. Earth will no longer give its fruits, the skies will be covered with clouds, your hearts will close still more and Satan will plunder my disobedient children.

My children, pray and ask pardon continually for all the offenses of my disobedient children. I bless you from the height of my cross.

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

The Risen Jesus

“I am the Lord, your God. You shall not have any other god besides Me.” My dearest children, remember the most important commandment that I have given you. Only thus will you be able to pass through my Gate.

Respect and adore your God, One and Three, and you will live in serenity of spirit all your life. Leave the other gods to those who do not know me. Pray for them and do not let yourselves be confused by their words.

I alone can give you the bread you need to satisfy your hunger. Draw near often to my Table. I promise you eternal life. No one else on earth can promise you likewise.

Pray and have others pray. Say, with all sincerity, that your God is the Only One who can give his obedient children eternal life.

You are taken in by so many doubts in these times of confusion, but if you succeed in obeying my laws, I assure you eternal joy.

Take good care, with your life, to show true love, my love, my friendship, my eternal mercy.

You are a disobedient people. Do not continue to behave in this way, otherwise I will have to use my justice.

Be prudent in spiritual matters just as you are in human ones. I prefer to use love, goodness, and charity with you. Do not provoke me, otherwise I will act. I love you so much. My Mother is here with Me and intercedes for you without ever tiring.

Love her and respect her. I bless you, dear children. Seek me in every situation and I will hear you out. Let my Grace be with you.

The Risen Jesus