Your Heavenly Mother

My dear children, just as a mother teaches her little one to make his first steps, so I, your Mother, invite you to give me your hand so that I can guide you.

Walking together, you will feel more secure in your steps. Only by entrusting yourselves to my care will you be able to sure of arriving at the right goal.

Do not do as so many brethren who, in these times, are dying of fear, at every step taken by total insecurity. You have Me. You are safe. My way is safe and leads you to the merciful heart of Jesus.

Only if he forgives you will you be able to cross the threshold that will open for you; indeed, the gates of Paradise will open wide for you. Walk calmly. Turn to Me in whatever uncertain situation and I will resolve it for you.

I know well the times through which you are passing. For this reason, no one more than Me can give you certitude. I love you and am happy to show you the right way.

Do not have any fear. Pray and make others pray, assuring your brethren that prayer is the medicine that heals every ill, be it physical or spiritual.

Do not let yourselves go without the daily Food, in the certainty that, with the Eucharist, you are feeding on Christ.

These times will pass away but the life that awaits you will never pass away. You believe in my words. Only my Son, the Paraclete, can heal all your wounds all your sorrows, all your worries.

I bless you, my dear children. Be calm and happy in this life, because soon you will be with us.

Your Heavenly Mother

Mary, Queen of All Peoples

My daughter, I pray you not lose your smile. Whoever believes in God does not lose hope. Believe me, I understand your sufferings, but I assure you they will not be eternal.

I am with you, your Mother, she who has suffered for your salvation and who still continues to ascend Calvary together with Jesus for the rebirth, in heaven, of all her children, sinners but so much loved.

Turn to us always in your difficulties and you will not be disappointed. Love, that which is true, never dies. It pardons offenses in order not to disperse her children.

Console each other, because soon all this suffering will end by giving way to the uncontainable joy that only Jesus can grant.

Continue to pray, above all for the Church and her consecrated ones. It is a hard time to live in but have the certitude that you will be rewarded only as Jesus can and knows how to do.

We will always be ready to encourage you and help you in all your needs, but you, do not ease off. Have trust. Continue to pray for your families and above all wherever the devil has the faculty to put to the test those who believe in his temptations.

Soon all this will end. We will return to you in joy and will enrich you with our beautiful presence. My love for you becomes all the greater. I embrace you, above all in the moments most difficult for you. Do not surrender to the devil.

I bless you and Jesus sustains you and liberates you from every danger if you entrust yourselves totally to Him. Love him and forgive each other. May Jesus be with you.

Mary, Queen of All Peoples

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

My such beloved children, hold tightly to Me, or the other one will take your souls. My protection is for all of you. I am your true and only mother. Do not draw far from me, not even for a moment. Only with me are you safe.

My children, you are carrying out massacres but, unfortunately, too many of your brethren do not understand and do not perceive the temptations. Pray, I tell you, because the time that remains is really small. I love you too much to leave you in his diabolical hands.

Be strong. Do not draw far from the Eucharist, the Only Food that keeps one alive. Speak clearly, either for God or for Satan. You will find no other choices.

My Son awaits you in his kingdom but you seem not to understand. Realize that the choices are only two. The devil is drawing you all toward him and you, poor children of mine, do not realize how enormous are his lies.

Do not draw far from Me. Ask me to intercede for you, for your families, for your priests.

Do not abandon the true Church. Prostrate yourselves at the feet of Jesus and pray him to shorten his times, otherwise there will be no more salvation for many of you.

It is your Mother, full of bitterness in his heart, who speaks to you. Help me, you who love to follow my counsels. I need you. Pray and fast, because these times are truly unsustainable. Pray. Pray. Pray.

I bless you. Hold tightly to me and I will support you. You will not fall into hell. I love you. I hold you tightly to my heart. I will not leave you in the hands of Satan.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother

Mary, Crowned Queen

My children, never doubt our presence among you. Could a mother leave her children in the hands of evildoers? You see, we are your parents and so all the more can we not leave you alone, not even for a moment.

These dark times would carry you into shadows instantly if it were not for our heavenly presence. Pray more. Bear witness to us wherever you find yourselves. Speak of the goodness of Jesus; he went up the cross for you without a second thought.

Dear children, would you do the same for your children? Then be more certain of our love. We are with you and we often keep you from pain and negative thoughts that would bring you to ruin.

Pray and bear witness that the Kingdom of God is near. We can no longer bear so much evil on your earth. But you are becoming aware that with wickedness you will not go far.

Help your enemies to discern, so that they not find themselves unprepared for the second coming of Jesus. Then, they will no longer be able to choose between good and evil. I tell you, pay attention: it could be too late.

I listen to your supplications and intercede before the Father, but you are few in number. Pray. I cannot lose many children of mine. Offer your sufferings so that your love succeed in softening so many hard and cold hearts.

Your prayers are indispensable. Just a little while longer and all evil will end by leaving the good to fill all your emptiness.

I bless you. I love you. I long for you. Soon I will have this joy.

Mary, Crowned Queen

Mary, Queen of the Family

My dearest children, speak within the family, tell them that my family is the example to imitate. The Child Jesus blesses all your families that are tried by divisions, bad examples, and negativity of every kind.

My Joseph is the father that Jesus loved and whom he obeyed. Take him for your example. He knows well your difficulties, because he himself lived difficult moments, above all because he was a father to the Savior.

Dear children, let the Holy Family protect you, defend you, and be your example, then you will be able to say that the examples you are giving to your children are correct and to be imitated.

We suffered. Our family was attacked by wicked people and by those who had the power to decide our existence. I tell you, fear not what you are living through. With you, they are acting exactly like they did with us.

Be strong, because the Holy Family is with you. Pray to them, ask them counsel, entrust yourselves to us with the certitude that you will have all the help you need. Suffering leads to glory. Jesus and Joseph are your true forefathers. Entrust to them all your problems and I assure you that you will overcome them.

I am with you. Let me life be an example for you. Seek to love your enemies, to save souls that run the risk of being lost and Jesus will repay you with peace and joy of heart. Be certain that our blessing will sustain you and will make you victors on all fronts. May the blessing of Jesus, of my Joseph, and my own be upon all of you.

Mary, Queen of the Family

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My such beloved children, my angels make for me a crown and I am present among you. Remember always that prayer revives your hearts and is beneficial for all your brethren.

Pray, in this Lent, in particular for those children who offend Jesus with their foul language and every sort of brutish word. Be generous toward those who are in need, above all on a spiritual level.

Be always ready to help corporal needs, but for the spiritual part, in particular in these times of offense for us, be ready to dedicate your time daily.

Jesus is suffering much, above all for the offenses that come to Him like blows of a pistol; even toward me there arrive only imprecations and brutal words. Your offenses jump to heaven like lightning bolts and, for this reason, your prayers must become more numerous.

Ask and it will be given. You need so much of our presence because Satan is tempting you with every kind of offer. Do not let yourselves be manipulated by him. You will receive only negativity and offenses.

I am near you. Ask me to intervene for all of your non-believing brethren and your Father will be able to pardon all the offenses of his far-gone children.

My children, offer all your sufferings and you will have, in exchange, conversions and acts of repentance for your loved ones. I am ready to listen to every request of yours and Jesus will pardon sinners. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Most Holy

My dear children, how I want to carry you all into joy, but for the moment, you must still live in your world, imperfect and made dark by Satan. Your minds no longer enjoy the Light that has been given you from heaven and you have neither certainties, nor assurances, and, all the less, the joy that, in other times, filled your hearts.

Make a “mea culpa” and then the ancient serpent will flee from you. Only in this way can you regain all the good and beautiful that you have lost.

Unfortunately, too many of you still live in darkness because of their sins and they cannot hear the Holy Spirit, who every day is farther from them. I experience such suffering for these dear children at the mercy of the evil spirit; for this reason I come again to ask your help.

Only with prayer and offerings that you know how to offer in sorrow can you soften the many sorrows of Jesus and cast away many punishments.

Pray and make others pray. The Father could give to your brothers in darkness the light of which they need to seek, through confession, the forgiveness of God and peace among you.

Listen to your hearts. Help me so that I be able to intercede before the Most Holy Trinity and obtain freedom for my children from the claws of Satan. I know I’m asking much, but if you help me, your merits will be enormous.

Your disobedient brethren could change their minds and regain the sense to adore and thank that God whom they have been offending with their multiplicitous refusals.

I bless you.

Mary, Most Holy

Your Queen of Peace

Dearest children of mine, I am She who will carry her obedient children to the Father. You know well that only he who does the will of God will be able to enter into eternal dwellings. Certainly, yours will not be an easy way, but only by respecting the Commandments will you be able to live eternally next to He who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You must no longer desire anything, because your Father will give you all that your Spirit desires. Dear children, be always ready, because you know neither the day nor the hour in which all in you will come to fulfillment.

Prepare yourselves. The times are coming by leaps and bounds. You yourselves are aware of how much life on earth is becoming little more than a trice. I am leading you as only the Mother of Jesus can do.

If you listen to my counsels, you will have nothing to fear. I will be near you, side by side. I will not let you change direction or that you be able to lose for very long the path of life, which is becoming every day more difficult.

Follow my steps and you will no longer worry, this I promise you. Do not set aside prayer for your families or for the whole world.

So many of my children have drawn far from God and struggle to find their way again. For this reason I need obedient children like you, who, with love, bring back your brethren to the only flock. I thank you and promise you all the good that you merit.

Dear children, have no fear for the negative things you see, but unite yourselves to my prayers and we will be a victorious force. I bless you.

Your Queen of Peace

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My dear children, today I want to bless all of your families. Always remember that everything, good or not, is born out of the family. You, mothers, love your children and you, fathers, educate your children, above all by giving them good example.

Often, you dear children of mine, even in old age, remember the words that your parents repeated to you. It goes without saying that if good seed is sown, good fruit will come.

In your families one no longer sees love, true love, for Jesus and all the good that Jesus gives you. Think well before educating your children. Don’t be in a hurry when you see that they need you, your counsels, your love.

Don’t tell them “I don’t have time now.” Remember that the children who have been given to you from on high and that one day must return on high, come before everything else.

Educate them, first of all, on a spiritual level. If they love God with respect, they will thus love their neighbor. Take example from Jesus; he has given his life for all his children, leaving all the rest for later.

The young need good guides to be able to become them for their children. It is not hard to teach in the right way; obeying the word of God, you will always go ahead securely. Love your children; if necessary, always take them back with love and you will certainly have good results.

Pray before words come out of your mouth, because errors could cost you too much the second time around. Pray together in your families and you will see that your words come out correctly, in the right moment.

I embrace you maternally.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Mother of the Wait

Dear children, your Mother will always console you. It is important that you trust me as the most understanding of mothers. You cannot go much down the path without my help. Be aware that the times through which you are walking are decisive for your future.

Do not trust your great ones, be they politicians or not. You have no need of their vain counsels. My children, entrust to me your hearts, your families, your work, all your interests and, only then, will you be able to live in serenity.

I know all of you. I know you more than you yourselves do. For this reason, I ask you to trust me with the certainty of having your shoulders covered and protected. Live in prayer. You know well that only by trusting your Father will you be able to live not happily, I say, but in serenity.

Sicknesses can be healed if you entrust yourselves completely to Us. Jesus protects you and is ready to defend you in every moment.

Do not let this pandemic change your hearts and your certitude in us. You know very well that your well-being depends exclusively from on high. The things of the world will pass away, but true life will never pass away.

Your happiness will be eternal if you have the strength to struggle against the things of the world. I squeeze you in my arms, I love you, I want to be close to you already now.

You do not see me now but I assure you that your joy will be great when you finally are able to enjoy my maternal embrace. Have faith. All of this that you are enduring will soon pass away.

Do not waste your time. I embrace you and wait for you to enjoy your company in heaven.

Mary, Mother of the Wait