Mary, Queen of Angels

My dear children, peace be with you. Each one of your guardian angels rejoices around you. Pray to your angels. Never as in these times do you need their help. They never tire of giving you counsel and direction as to how and where to go to lead you in the Christian way.

It is they who suggest to you how to praise, love, listen to the Word of the Gospel. Pay attention during prayer not to distract yourselves.

I remember you always, as the prayer of the heart is always the most profitable. Only from the heart does love come. Only from the heart are born feelings. Only from the heart are born the true acts of charity.

Ask the help of your angels when you lose concentration in prayer. They love to adore my Son and do not know distraction.

The way that leads to Jesus is sown with the discord that the demon tosses to makes you fall in temptation, but do not worry about the falls. Your angels are with you to sustain you and help you get back up.

I, your Mother, am with you. Your guardians make for me a crown in heaven as on earth. It is true that the rebel angels are numerous and wily, but if you call upon your guardian angels, they can do nothing against you.

Be shrewd. Speak and seek counsel before acting. You will realize that all your worries will vanish in giving way to peace of heart. Often my children forget the presence of the guardian angels by their side. For today I am here, to remind you of their presence.

Entrust to them your thoughts, your doubts, your uncertainties. You will realize that you can always count on their help.

I bless you, my children. Treasure this advice of mine and you will be more secure and serene in carrying out your tasks. My blessing be with you and with your loved ones.

Mary, Queen of Angels

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Dear children, I bring you my Son. Do not be afraid of all that is coming to your ears, but fear that which comes to your hearts. Never allow what is underhanded enter into your thoughts, your interior, in your life.

I bring you my Son and I give him to you through the priest. Draw close to the Eucharistic Table. Nourish yourselves with the Body of Jesus living and true. Abandon all that is human and enrich your spirit with the Bread that will feed forever.

You know well that if in you the soul stays fasting, you will die. Yes, dear children, there is no life without Christ, He whom the Father has sent to save all humanity.

The head of the ancient serpent will soon be crushed by my Immaculateness. I am the woman that he fears absolutely and for this reason you must never fear all that is said in these times.

I am your Mother and if you love my Son more than yourselves, I will sustain you and defend you in every step of yours. The Eucharist will never be lacking in your days and you will be full of every true joy, that which not even satan, with his temptations, can take away from you.

If you evangelize your brethren, first with the “word” and then leading them to the Sacred Table, your will be blessed by God. Listen to my counsel. No one more than me can give you just and more appropriate advice.

Be close to your priests with daily prayer. Ask for them the true respect of their vocation. With the consecrated you will be safe from such uncertainties and confusion. I am never missing from their celebrations. Do like Me, participate always in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Through the Eucharist may you be blessed.

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Mary, Mother Most Tender

May the light that the stars of my crown spread illuminate your hearts.

Dear children, you very much need the light that comes from on high. You are living in a world of shadows and your spirit is in tremendous suffering.

Lift your eyes to heaven and, with hearts full of love, praise God that he not decide, too soon, to visit his justice upon your whole planet. You are blind guides to other blind persons; you can only walk gropingly. Ask help from heaven on high if you want to recover your sight.

You are not aware that time is passing inexorably. No one can decide his own life. My Son offered himself for you. Benefit from his goodness – convert to his Word, open your hearts and let there enter the true Light, that which shines in the darkness.

I love you. I would like to make you soldiers of Christ. Resolve to combat the constant enemy. Sharpen your weapon, use it as often as possible with the certitude that it will carry you to final victory.

May each of you be an example with your own brother, remembering that actions counts more than a thousand words. Be bringers of peace, forgetting the evil actions received, and you will be victors on all fronts.

The days to come depend on you. They can be favorable or less so, according to the strength that you know how to put into prayer and intercession before the Most High.

Man, taking the place that does not belong to him, is destroying his future and that of his brethren. I adjure you, make sure your politicians and all those who guide your countries let their hearts be shaped in order to lead in the name of the true Lord of heaven and earth.

I bless you, little flock. Obey only the voice of the True Shepherd.

Mary, Mother Most Tender

The Eternal Father

Dear children, I am with you now and always, but where are you? Few of you seek me, very few pray to me, but when difficulties arrive, they insult Me even without knowing me.

I want to recommend to you all these brothers of yours, whom nothing and no one succeeds in bringing to Me. My farthest children have more need of your prayers. No one brings them to me with true heart, but I need requests accompanied by the love of the hearts of those asking.

Children, console me: I have sent you my Only Divine Son and what have you been able to do? You killed him miserably. Even today those days repeat. Men seem to have lost their sense and the awareness of being able to do very little has not yet made them decide to turn to Me.

For this reason, they have such need of your loving intercessions. I will give you yet the necessary time to be able to gather as many souls as possible, and blessed are you if you know how to sow well, because you will reap exactly what you will have known how to give of the good to your brothers

I am your Father, your Good Father, and I will not allow yet much longer the evil one to sow discord. The harvest is drawing ever closer. I love all who honor my Son and his Mother and who with love trust in their intercession.

May the Precious Blood of my Son purify all of you, giving you, for the second time, the possibility of salvation. After the scattering of his blood, his coming on the earth will complete the work begun on the wood of the Cross.

Blessed are you if you are able to welcome my Son and his Most Holy Mother, ready to crush the head of the ancient serpent. My blessing be upon all of you, on your priests, on your Holy Father.

The Eternal Father

Jesus, your God

At that time I said to my disciples, “Do not judge and you will not be judged.”

Dear children, do not say, “But perhaps they merit this trial,” but rather day, “This cataclysm is the fruit of our sins.” And yes, my children, your sins are destroying your planet.

But whoever is without sin, let him case the first stone. Therefore, if you are all sinners, give healthy correction to each other. Correction, if it is given in my love, cannot but produce positive results.

Be loving, like I myself have taught you, but rally each other when you are in error. I love you and before giving punishment, I seek to convince you of a deeper love. You yourselves should thus do this.

Love is manifest above all in moments of trial. Be compassionate with your most stiff-necked brethren. Love those who hate you, help those in difficulty. These are difficult times. Satan is puffing you up with pride and antagonism. I tell you: be humble and meek and the Kingdom of heaven will be yours.

Multiply your prayers, trusting always in my Mercy. You will have yet many difficulties to confront, but only with my love will you succeed in overcoming every obstacle.

Pray for your most tested brethren. Help the weakest on the spiritual level because the evil one will tempt them, above all, in the depths of their hearts. Many will be lost precisely because they will not be able to forgive themselves for their weakness, but above all because they will curse my Father for their sufferings.

Pray much that you not fall into temptation, because the evil one is testing each one of you, knowing well your weaknesses. Your spirit is tested to excess. Pay close attention, be strong, and you will have your profit.

Jesus, your God

Jesus, Son and Holy

My Heart can hold all my children who desire my love, and welcome all my precepts. I love my children, but want that all be saved in the acknowledgement that without Me they cannot live, and when I say “live,” I speak of spiritual life.

Leave to the world the things of the world, but give to God that which is of God. If you live for the beauty of spiritual things, you will no longer value the things that make you slaves of the world.

You are mine. I have thought you – desired you – created you. No one will ever be able to love you more than Me. Live in prayer and in the meditation of the counsels that you have received through my Commandments. Whoever loves the world more than Me will not be worthy of Me.

I have given my life for you, but it seems that the majority of my children have forgotten this. I want to bring you all back to my Father. Like a good shepherd, I want to lead all my little sheep into the one true fold.

Be good evangelizers, and I will render you a hundredfold. Blessed are you when God the Father opens his most loving arms. My Mother, Most Holy Mary, is she who prays incessantly for all of you. Help her by your prayer, so that her intercession arrive to the Father most quickly.

I love you so much, my children. Do not waste more time. Confront your behavior with my commandments in order to ensure you are living sufficiently and with love under my laws.

Dear children, I have promised you eternal life. It is your to merit it. With love and with boldness and perseverance, you will be able to conquer my Heart and that of my Father. Remember: prayer and fasting from the things of the world will save all of humanity. I bless you.

Jesus, Son and Holy

Mary, Assumed into Heaven

My daughter, I am your refuge. In heaven, today is a great feast. All the angels of Paradise make a crown for me. Hymns and canticles melt into joy.

My dear children, earth has become the pit that would like to swallow you, in order to steer you into the depths of hell. Seek to recover the way that leads to my Son, otherwise the demon will win on all fronts.

Do you want to rise to heaven? Do you want to enjoy my motherly love? Do you want to live in joy forever? All that remains is for you to change the course of your actions.

You are destroying yourselves. Sin wraps you like a cloth woven with false modesty, false comforts, false joys. And you, drawn by the things of the world, fall into a trap with the least struggle.

I have risen into heaven and I pray incessantly to the Father, so that his Will be done. If my Son Jesus does not get ready to return to your planet, so many of my children will be lost without hope.

Keep watch and meditate on that which you are living through. There is no more love among you. This word has been abused and distorted, in particular within couples. You call “love” the base passions, animal instinct, impure acts, indecent intercourse, unworthy of being called loving encounters.

Love is offering, love is gift of self to the other, love is suffering, love is living in the truth and in the obedience of He who is Incarnate and Crucified for the salvation of all. The universe can no longer accept your faults. Even prayers often become only requests and not offerings.

Earnestly imitate your Mother assumed into heaven, if you want to follow her in blessed peace. I invite you to love – give – pray – persevere in obedience to the divine laws.

Mary, Assumed into Heaven


Mary, Queen of Peace

Peace be with you. Like Moses brought the Jews across the Red Sea, I, the Queen of Peace, will bring you across these dark and menacing times.

I, your Most Holy Mother, will show myself as never before. I want that my beloved children all undertake this tiring journey that will open up the new era.

If you are responsible for what you must do and submit yourselves with much humility to that which I will tell you, salvation will be accessible for you and you can be assured of that place which has been prepared for you from the time of creation.

Courage, my dearest children. Do not think that you need the things of the world. You will not need either money or food, which surely will be inedible, but furnish yourselves with the book of the Word of God and the only weapon that will make you victors on all fronts.

Every war is faced with the most appropriate weapons, with the certainty that the Leader knows well the war plan. My Jesus is your Head. No one will ever be able to overcome the barriers that He defends.

Be ready, victory is for all those who do not doubt his will and power. I am with you. I will accompany you in the hard walk, I will sustain you and guide your steps, defending each of you from the advance of the impure one.

Do not go far from my presence, be true soldiers in the army of salvation and heaven will exult in the victory that all my children will bring.

This earth is making itself unfruitful in every way, but fear not, my Son knows how to nourish his children. With God, in God, and for God, this is that which you must aim for now and always.

My maternal blessing is upon you and all your brethren for whom you are praying.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Mary, Daughter and Mother

My dear children, peace be with you.

Your life is precious, it is a gift of God. Preserve it, as He has given it to you. There is no more respect. Your body has become only a useless casing for your soul. Do you not understand that if you do not take care of your body, that your spirit will suffer in consequence?

Sin reigns, your body is subject to all possible impurities, you no longer have the least attention for the body that is the holy temple of God. I, dear children, suggest that you contemplate what a precious gift has been entrusted to you. Rediscover in this tempestuous time how much the good God takes care of you.

Nothing and no one will be able to hold on to this stupendous gift without responding to the invitation by the Creator to take care of the body, true container of the masterpiece of God, in purity and spirituality.

Once again live in simplicity and in the perseverance aided by the suggestions that Mother Church gives you through the Word of God. Only if you know how to recover certain values, will your body be able to live again in harmony with the spirit, peerless sign of life.

Pray that you be able to rejoice in the new reality that will make you new complete persons. I, your Mother, am with you. I suggest that you rediscover this harmony if you wish to resume walking in the Light. The body without the spirit is as dead. Resume the life that is waiting for you as true children of God.

In unity with my Son and with the Holy Spirit, I bless you in the body, so that you may recover the life of the soul.

Mary, Daughter and Mother

Jesus, Merciful

My daughter, repeat with me: Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you.

Do you understand what I am about to ask you? You have arrived at a point from which you can go no further unless you are with me, trusting in my mercy. Or, you close off, with a life that will become each day more difficult and unbearable.

What could I suggest to you to make your heart of stone beat again? You are like automatons who have lost the road, but who have no intention of returning to walk in the light.

I continue to repeat to you that only with prayer will you succeed in giving meaning to your life. The means of communication fill your head with thousands of absurdities, but how you do not understand that the only thing that can help you is to run back to the infinite goodness of God, patient and merciful!

I tell you, you will no longer escape from this crisis if you do not decide to open your hearts, asking pardon for all your sins. If, dear children, I have said sins, then beat your chests, repenting bitterly, offering to your God fasting for all that draws you far from Him: sins of impurity, sins of the tongue, not keeping holy the feast day, pride in feeling like master of the world, immoderate power as cause of injustice.

How many of my children are dying of hunger in the world because they are throwing food in the garbage! You must render an account of hunger in the world and above all of that hunger, even more serious, that many souls suffer on the spiritual level.

I will demand an account of each evil act that you will have caused to every fellow person. Dear children, pray for these brethren who are starving my flock. I bless you. Remain united in the prayer that will illuminate these days of total darkness.

Repeat often the ejaculatory prayer that I have suggested to you.

Jesus, Merciful