Jesus, He who Is

I Am He Who Is!

Dear children, this expression must be enough to make you reflect. Who of you can affirm this? Only I Am, he who takes away the sins of the world, he who pardons the sins of his own children, He who listens to and knows all your hearts.

I lead you because I know the way. I console you when my children are in anguish. I guide your steps. Whoever draws far from Me runs the serious risk of losing himself.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; you cannot live without Me. Death of the spirit is the worst thing that could happen to you. Do not deceive yourselves; only by following in my footsteps can you come to conquer salvation.

My Mother and yours has the ability to guide you and help you in order not to lose you. Only She has the power to help you and bring you to salvation, She who leads into truth and prudence, necessary for following the right path.

Entrust to Her all your worries, your problems, your weaknesses, and you will realize that all will appear easier for you. I, above all in these difficult times, entrust you to her Immaculate Heart, but you also must seek to allow her to lead your life.

Do not live in fear. With Her you are safe, but Satan, with his wickedness, could put himself between you to take away your peace. I assure you, I am always with you. Live in my light and assure yourselves the joy and serenity that you need to live moderately.

Entrust to me your days and I will not let you go without peace, concord with your brethren, and hope of eternal salvation. I love you and I bless you.

Jesus, He who Is