Jesus, Dead and Risen

My dear children, if my angels did not guard you day and night, you would be like reeds beaten by the wind. I remain outside the doors of your heart and you are at the mercy of the disobedient angel.

But how is it that you do not understand that without my protection are not even capable of walking? You always try to take my place, but in the end, you pay in person for the damages caused.

Seek conversion, do not waste any more time. The days pass and you remain in total darkness. Return to respecting and carrying out my ways. Recover lost time. Love each other by forgiving offenses received.

Let my passion teach you that only giving one’s life shows true love. I have loved you, but you do not want to understand that you can overcome all the sufferings you are facing by sacrificing your “I”.

Living for one’s neighbor means giving without expecting recompense. Give freely and with joy you will receive from Me your recompense. Loving is usually costly, but only in offering oneself does one receive.

Your times are not favorable. Each of you seeks to ignore the other because of fear of suffering for love. Dear children, I remind you often that true love does not expect its counterpart.

Be more generous and you will obtain all that you desire. Let this Lent bring you to consider that love is self-offering. Offer yourselves spontaneously and you will be repaid abundantly.

The resurrection is my offering to my children who have not skimped on their love toward their brethren. Bless and offer, and my Father will reward you.

Jesus, Dead and Risen

Jesus, the Crucified Christ

My dear children, my blessing be upon you and your families.

Today, the beginning of Lent, I want to help you distinguish between simple prayers and offerings.

You can address prayers of request, of forgiveness, and of intercession to me all the time, and I hear them. During this period, in preparation for my resurrection, you can offer me prayers of intercession, in particular for eternal salvation.

Even I, in that sorrowful moment, asked my Father to take away from Me that terrible trial. Therefore, I understand you when you find yourselves before the cross. You know that you must confront it, but courage is often lacking.

My children, this Lenten period will show you the cross while assuring you of my help. Be strong; after the moment of confusion and of rejection, accept the trial with the certainty that I am with you precisely in order to support the weight together with you.

May this period, therefore, be favorable for you. Offer me your sufferings, your uncertainties, your torments, and I, from Gethsemane, will help you to welcome what my Father offers you for the remission of your sins and others’.

Your earth is suffering your very own sufferings. Pray that your Father take away, in his goodness, the venom that is destroying it. Pray and offer sacrifices in this fortunate time; you will be freed from all the sufferings on the physical and spiritual level.

I will console you. Bear your cross with love. The Easter that you are preparing will bring you eternal salvation. Be good imitators of your Christ if you want to have the eternal prize.

I, your Jesus, will be near you in the temptations that will not be lacking. I love you.

Jesus, the Crucified Christ

Jesus, Son of God

Dear children, how much bitterness I see in your hearts! I, the Son of God, want to fill them with the Holy Spirit. Be strong, because the times to come, you will only be able to overcome them with the strength that comes from heaven.

I tell you these things so that what should arrive will not find you unprepared. You are our beloved children; we will protect you in every way but you must be strong. Keep yourselves always united to Us with prayer and with the love that distinguishes you precisely because you belong to God.

I lead you. Every step of yours is sustained by Me, otherwise your falls would become mortal.

Sins in the world are increasing infinitely. The young have lost the innocence that sets them apart, the old no longer are able to hold the reins, fathers and mothers have taken the place of “friends” for their children and therefore no longer teach in the correct way.

You, my children, must give witness with the example that what God wants is exactly the opposite of their behavior. I ask your help, children who listen to me. For this reason, chase away from your hearts the feeling of bitterness. Sweeten your minds in order to help my children who are going astray.

The devil, unfortunately, is playing his cards well precisely because he finds people weak and hungry from mistaken diversions. While filling the emptiness of their hearts, your brethren open the gates to he who tricks with his lies.

You know that with prayer and offerings you will be able to beat back his enticements and I, precisely for this reason, ask your help. Beautiful souls, listen to me and make of my Word a life lesson.

I love you. The whole Trinity is with you and guides your steps. Be serene and full of healthy enthusiasm. I bless you.

Jesus, Son of God

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

I am with you all the days of your life, but do you feel my presence?

Dear children, wake up from the deep sleep into which you have fallen. My voice is perceptible to everyone, but your concerns are quite different.

You need Me. On your own you will no longer be able even to carry out your simplest duties. But how can a creature who has left my hands, and above all my Will, live without oxygen? I am your oxygen, your pure air, but you are getting used to breathing fine dust, which will kill you without your realizing it.

Listen to what I tell you and what I repeat to you at every moment: resume good habits; put prayer in first place, which draws you close to your Creator, and then you will be able to breathe healthy air.

I, your Lord, can and want to give you all that you need, but you have forgotten what it means to love. For this reason, I want to lead you back to prayer, in order to reappropriate true love.

Amongst yourselves as well you have become strangers. You no longer consider yourselves friends between you and, above all, you no longer recognize the Father – the Son – and the Holy Spirit as Trinitarian Love.

Remember, dear children, every kind of love comes from the Most Holy Trinity, but you, no longer recognizing yourselves as children of God, have lost the true knowledge of love. See, then, the defeat of marriages, of the family, of society.

I pray you, open yourselves to the spiritual voice that is in you. Do not be proud, but feel yourselves needful of the one who is speaking with you. I will recognize you as my children.

I bless you. I tell you again, wake up from this satanic slumber.

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

The Child Jesus, Your God

The Lord of Lords is here with you. My epiphany is near and even to you, like to the Magi, I want to present myself as true God. That small Child, to whom you have prayed in the manger, is the same God who is a member of the Blessed Trinity.

I am with you and, for you, I am born poor among the poor in order to give an example to all my children, above all to those who think themselves the best. Dear children, be humble; I repeat, if you do not become small like that child whom you have just seen upon the straw, you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

I am born for you in order to take on your same flesh, tasting first suffering, humiliation, cold. You should no longer lament, saying, “God does not love me. If he existed he would give me only joy and not tribulations.”

Dear children, I have first taken upon myself that kind of suffering that you men cannot even understand, because your sins are superhuman sufferings. I tell you: you cannot understand!

My dear children, get ready to live in dark times. Each of you must look into what awaits you. It is I, dear children, and I am speaking to you of my second coming among you. Too many are still in the dark about this, but I am using you so that you speak, bear witness to that which I am foretelling you.

Be calm. In the times to come fear will make itself master, but you must not fear because, after the storm, there will appear the rainbow. Repent now of your sins. Do not lose yourselves in the wanderings of your poor heart. Accept that which I am telling you and prepare to rejoice.

I, your Lord, with my most Holy Mother, will take care of my flock. I bless you, I the Trinitarian Lord God am with you.

The Child Jesus, your God


Your Beloved Jesus

As the angel brought greetings to Mary, so I wish to greet you today, my most beloved children. Know that in the greeting in the Trinitarian Name there is always the blessing of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I greet you, my children. I, Jesus, come to you because I wish to bring you all my gifts.

– You who pray without tiring, who pray with the heart, like my Mother has taught you, you who, when you pray your prayers, they are for your most needy brethren, you who have understood that only my Word is Life, Truth, and Way –

My gifts are always directed at the spirit. The world can never offer you what I offer you. I bring you my peace, my love, my joy, true life. I love you so much, dear children, and all that my Father gives to me, I pour back upon each of you abundantly.

The love of the Father is what you you must desire most. He cares for you in every moment, in every instant, if you obey his commands. “The Good Father”: this title belongs only to Him.

All your needs are heard and granted. Your prayers are the jewels that you can offer every day, and you will be satisfied. I am with you especially in these days of sheer confusion and I assure you that my Word will feed you until death. Believe in Me and you will be saved.

You do not need exhaustive explanations, but you need only my Word, which saves. Pray, therefore, with my words and you will not be lost. I am the Truth; do not seek elsewhere.

I bless you today in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. May my blessing accompany you now and always.

Your beloved Jesus

Jesus, Love

My dear children, if I am here to remind you of my commandments, it is because I love you and I do not want to lose any of my children. I say to you mothers: Do you speak to your children about respect? You are living through one of the most difficult moments also because the word “respect” has been placed in oblivion. If one speaks of friendship, of love, every definition is inexact. You no longer call persons, animals, or things by their proper names. You call animals by the names of people and vice-versa. You love animals more than my most beloved children. You treat things, very often, as if they were more important than your very own life. Therefore, let us give the word “respect” its proper meaning. “To respect” means to give value to that which we must respect. My commandments, then, are to be respected in their essential value.

Let us speak, now, of the sixth among my counsels. If I say to you, “Do not commit impure acts,” it means that I desire from you the respect of that body, holy temple of God, that I have given you. Start speaking, therefore, to your children about how to treat that which I have given you. In your clothing, take greater care, remembering not to make others sin through impure desire. In the feeling that you define as love, place all your attention.

Love, first of all, comes from the heart, and if it comes from the heart, give your brethren pure love. In matrimony, for more reason, leave behind unrestrained sex in order to recuperate that most pure feeling that leads to true joy and completeness.

Dear children, leave behind material things and pay more attention to satisfying your spirit. I bless you in purity and chastity.

Jesus, Love

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

My dear children, pray that the Church once again shine with light itself. You cannot affirm that you are true Christians if you serve both God and the abiding enemy. I tell you that my Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The rest has nothing to do with you.

Dear children, if I have offered my life on the cross, it is so that, reconciling you to my Father, you might return to take part, in the Spirit, of my progeny. Do not commit the error of joining your “Creed” to other forms of belonging. I Am the God of your fathers, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who is One and Three. Do not worship other gods besides Me. The other one will still seek to sow tare in every way, but at the end of the harvest, the weeds will be burned and there will remain the good part of my harvest.

My dear children, I will not permit that even one comma of what my apostles have written be changed. I repeat: my Word is One. Whoever is respectful and puts into practice what is written will be my faithful servant and I will open to him my Kingdom for ever. Be aware that what you are living through in this moment is, fearfully, a deviation from everything that is spiritually divine. Draw near to your daily bread and eat of it in abundance. Secure yourselves against everything that is negativity and betrayal.

I am concerned for my flock, and I will defend it until the end. Fear not: if you do not draw far from my law, I will remain at your side. I am that Good Father of whom the Sacred Scriptures write amply.

I bless you in my Trinity. Be united in my word and you will arrive at the Summit. Dear children, only my love is true love.

Jesus – the Father – the Holy Spirit

My Lovable Heart

Hail Mary! How often do you greet my Mother each day? It is she who intercedes for you every time you call upon her. I can deny her nothing, since she is the “Co-Redemptrix” of all humanity. My angels make up her crown and she leads them where your needs are the most urgent. You have a heavenly Mother who knows how and can place satan in difficulty. Only by calling on her name will you be able to cast out temptations from the ancient serpent. I pray you, however, to entrust to her, in this moment, all of your families. She who is Mother par excellence has the power to drive away the devil every time you call upon her name.

Dear children, you see how your times are, each day, more and more, destroying all that I had entrusted to you, handing over to you the entire universe. It is you who, drawing far from the font of living water, are subjecting to hard trial all the goods that surround you.

Dear children, your voices are becoming still more feeble, courage is abandoning you, fear is taking over, and thus your works are becoming poorer, less truthful, and worse. Your love leaves something to be desired, reason makes her a mistress, and hearts are closing with ever greater ease to the needs of your brothers.

Open to me, indeed, open wide to me your hearts so that I may change them, enrich them with my Holy Spirit, and so that you be able to come out from darkness and enjoy my Light. I keep you from many errors, I help you in decisions, I suggest to you only what is best for living a more satisfying life for you and those who surround you.

Let prayer be your sure guide for reaching my Father, who for yet a bit longer will hear your calls. I exhort you not to abandon my Sacrifice, where it can feed and quench the thirst of your Spirit.

My Lovable Heart

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

I inflame your hearts with my Holy Spirit, but who among you listens to my calls? You doubt even my Commandments, but how can you do this? Your God is Certainty. You cannot be confused, because my counsels are counsels that only a Father God can give.

You believe in such balderdash, in a thousand lies, in false words and false witnesses, and then you object to that which comes from heaven; you need great explanations. You go to magicians and witches, but do you not yet understand that your future, your tomorrow, no one knows it outside of Me? And yet you entrust yourselves to charlatans of every kind, and there, where infinite doubts ought to rise within you, you believe without any explanation; there, you do not need clarification.

I tell you that the times of my Second Coming are approaching by great steps. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared. Pray that the evil pass soon and that the Immaculate Heart of my Mother may finally triumph in my glory, surrounded by all the angels of heaven.

But you do not understand that, in this world, you can never satisfy your spirit? The things of the world are passing and will never give you that which you truly need. I refer to peace, if not accompanied by forgiveness, to joy if you do not confess your sins, to eternal life if prayer is not the cause and bearer of conversion. Only thus, after conversion, with faith will you recover peace, joy, true happiness, eternal life.

My dear children, I bless you, pouring into your hearts the Spirit of Holiness. Welcome Him and seal in Him your tormented hearts.

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit