Mary, Help of Christians

Have no fear, because your Mother is here, with you. Let us together praise God the Father, who forgives all his children who are able to ask forgiveness. There is no need to draw far from Him, not even when you feel like traitors.

You know well that you have a Father always ready to forgive, provided your repentance is sincere. Let confession help you find again true joy through grace.

My dear children, you are in a state of total confusion, btu always remember to put in first place the Blessed Trinity. Jesus is suffering much for you. His Church leaves something to be desired. His priests need now, more than every, your prayers.

You know very well that the devil is playing his last hand and desires only to bring you to himself. My children, help my consecrated ones with prayer, such that they might find again, with clarity, the way that leads to Us.

Each of you needs to pray to the Father that his Church find again the way that has been lost. Offer the holy Rosary. Present your prayers with love and you will see that many situations grow clear.

I am with you. Never tire of giving witness with your life. I desire that you present to Jesus the names of your priests, one by one, and you will see there actions change, finding clarity in all their works.

My dear children, I bless you. Bring to them my maternal love. May Jesus be with all of you and accompany you in finding again peace on His way.

Mary, Help of Christians

Mary, Co-Redemptrix

My such beloved children, my presence among you is living and true. Believe and you will see the glory of God.

You are all so tired that I no longer recognize you. I tell you: never let prayer go missing, otherwise, you will lose all point of reference.

Dear children, how can you live without us? Do not let the Eucharist go missing, otherwise you will die. Your life depends on your Father but if you draw far from Him more every day, it could be too then too late.

The church is showing what ‘agony’ means. Help me, children, otherwise there will come days that are too hard. I do not want to see you suffering too much.

Do not bind my hands with your ‘no.’ If you do not strengthen yourselves with prayer, you will no longer be able to regain peace and liberty. You cannot live without God – let this be clear to you – do not waste more time with ephemeral things. Afterward, it could be too late.

Jesus listens your hearts. So many of you live already in tears. Do not turn a deaf ear. Repent, I tell you. Help each other in prayer. Offer your sufferings if you still want to receive gifts and graces from heaven.

Help each other. This is the time of trial and you cannot overcome it without prayer and goodwill for your brethren. Love each other as God loves you and then you will be able to hope in his forgiveness and his graces.

Dear children, I bless you. Bring my blessing and that of Jesus to your dear ones.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Mary, Consoler

My dearest children, I advise you, never lose hope.

The days that are coming will be difficult to face, but you, think always that you have a Father who has thought you up forever. He has created you and given you a land in which to live in his peace.

My children, time has passed quickly, but not all have obeyed the counsels of the Heavenly Father. Not only have you not sought to better your way of life, but you have worsened it in every way.

Not even now, when you have lost your liberty in every part of the world, do you succeed in distinguishing good from evil. My children, be bearers of peace. Give good example to those who have done nothing but distance themselves from the things of God.

But how can certain brethren of yours live, uselessly losing time and peace. They have not yet understood that, far from their Creator, they turn off every switch that brings them true “Light.”

Darkness brings only fear, wickedness, cruel intentions, accompanied then by behaviors totally far from God. Give the example of charity, of goodness, and of faith. Dear children, only faith in God will bring a bit of peace to your hearts.

I intercede for you, above all for your non-believing brethren, so that my Son might convert them and bring them to the Father. Without conversion, they will be lost forever. I beseech you, pray even for them and with good example so many will be converted.

Jesus loves you, but the ancient serpent does not give up his prey.

Choose the Kingdom of God.

Mary, Consoler

Mary, Lady of Love

Peace to you, my dear children. I often ask myself, do you all know the true meaning of the word “love”? You must not confuse human love with divine love. My Son has amply demonstrated to you what it means to love.

If you do not accept all that you are living through as a simple trial, you will not be able to understand what the true meaning of love is.

Suffering is never separated from joy precisely because, by accepting suffering in the name of Jesus and as He himself has shown you in the most difficult trial, suffering itself becomes a proof of love in its most total and concrete meaning.

Dear children, accept all trials that come, emulating your Savior. In suffering, seek always an offering, because it is in offering that one demonstates true love. These times offer you thousands and thousands of possibilities to demonstrate true love.

Do not let yourselves ever be taken in by fear. Live every trial in the name of Jesus and from this you will gain the opportunity to demonstrate how great love is on the spiritual level.

It would seem impossible, to most, that from the height of that Cross, hate is transformed into the greatest proof of love.

Dear children, never forget the example given to you by Jesus. I pray for you, so that you might be able to confront every trial in the joy of offering.

My dear children, pray more with ardor, and ardor will bring you to prove true love. Never doubt our love for you. I bless you.

Mary, Lady of Love

Mary, Always Present

May my blessing descend upon you. My cenacle today burns with love for Me and for Jesus. We are with you and we implore the Father, so that our children be able to recuperate after having gone through difficult days.

You know very well that only with prayer will you be able to take your lives in your hands. You prize liberty more now. You have understood that everything comes from God, even if they would want to make you believe exactly the opposite.

God has made you free, and free to choose between good and evil. I believe, my children, that these limits that have put your quiet living in jeopardy serve, at least in part, to make you understand how much your Lord loves you in giving you freedom.

I repeat: do not waste this gift, now that you have proven how difficult it is to live as the heads of the world impose and pretend. Be strong in the conviction that only God, who knows each and all, can offer true, holy, and just liberty.

Pray, my children. Be strong in the certitude that Jesus is always with you and will bring you into his Kingdom, where you will be able to enjoy the most precious good, pure and holy liberty.

Pray that these sinister trials might end soon. Your Father hears you and will make of your pains joy, delight, liberty, and forgiveness.

I promise you that I will still intercede for you. Do not grow anguished, but believe in the love of God. Enrich your life with prayer and joy will take its place in your hearts and fill your souls.

Mary, Always Present

Mary, Help of Sinners

My daughter, pray with Me! Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them; may they rest in peace. Amen. Now I would ask you, because we have begun with this prayer.

My dearest children, pray with these words often. So many of my children who have died in these last times need your insistent prayers.

Poor children of mine, few brethren pray that the Father free them from the pains of Purgatory. I implore you, pray every day for them, because they have left your world carrying with them so many sins.

I love these children of mine and desire that they come soon to enjoy heavenly joys. Pray also for those who remain on earth and who must respond to so many responsibilities for which they have not given account.

My Son is suffering so much for them and hopes that, sooner or later, they repent of their sins and ask forgiveness for the the death that they have caused so many brethren. My children, only One can decide to take life. He has thought you up and He will decide the how and the when you must return to your dwelling for ever.

Pray, my children. Only your prayers can alleviate the sorrows of so many brethren, and my Son will forgive all your guilt. I am with you; I never leave you. I intercede for these brethren of yours who have such need of peace.

Pray – pray – pray. I bless you in the hope of bringing all of you to my Son.

Mary, Help of Sinners

Mary, Mother of the Church

My such beloved children, I implore you, begin to take your life seriously. I do not know what more I can do to make you understand that you are crucifying my Son a second time, but with greater wickedness on the part of most of you.

How is it that you do not understand that with wickedness you will go nowhere? Heaven is drawing farther away for so many men and women who no longer have a way to follow with their own heart.

They follow the current, unaware of where they are going. My children, pray, because only by following my teachings will you find the true road again. You no longer find the time for Jesus or Me.

What sorrow it is, dear children, to see you veering, because you choose roads totally different than those that lead to God. Pray to shorten these times that lead you only further from salvation.

But do you not understand that hell will be eternal? We love you, but few of you turn to Jesus and Mary to ask and to have true help. The world will not give you what you need for salvation.

Return to the house of God. Receive Jesus in your heart to have that help that you have lost by refusing to welcome Jesus often. Do you feel satiated and happy at your dinner? So it is for you when you fast to receive the Holy Eucharist in your heart.

I implore you, seek to nourish yourselves with true Food and I assure you that you will have no more hunger. Time is drawing near. Profit from my teaching.

I bless you, I pray for you, and I intercede for you.

Mary, Mother of the Church

Your Hope, Mary

Dear children, I keep watch over you like one watches over a newborn baby. Entrust yourselves to Me and do not seek out human beings to go asking for what you need on the spiritual level.

The trials of life, you can overcome them only by approaching He who has thought of you from always. Praise God, pray to him with a heart full of gratitude for what He will give you.

Place your life in his hands and then make use of my intercession. Your Father wants only your joy. You will never have true joy if you approach others.

Live out the trials of life with serenity and feel safe in our hands. This moment is not the best, and precisely for this reason you need to place yourselves in safe hands. You know well that after the storm the sun returns in splendor.

You will all be put before trials greater than you, but whoever entrusts himself to our hearts will be victorious over all things. Help your weakest brethren. Entrust them to God who sees and provides for all, and all will come to fruition in the best way possible for his most beloved children.

Do not live in the darkness of dejection, because the enemy counts only on this to lead you away from eternal joy. Pray; let the crown of the Rosary occupy your hands often during the day.

Pray that the enemy, now in his last battles, fall into the depths of hell with empty hands. Live out this period as if in anticipation of long-awaited graces to cancel every kind of curse.

Your Hope, Mary

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

My dearest children, your worries do not come from God. Do you still consider him your Father? You have nothing to fear, then. Who can help your more than He? My children, praise Him and pray to Him more often, and then you will see marvels.

I am near you and urge you to decide about your life. Do not lose any more time following negative news that end up poisoning your life.

God is He who decides about your life. In obedience to Him you are safe. Only those who have no faith can doubt his love. It is true that you are in a moment of trial, but that does not take away from that you will emerge from it victorious.

Believe and pray to your God, and leave worries and fears to the poor in spirit . Live and believe that only the Creator can do all things.

Feel yourselves protected. Pray more even for those brethren of yours who do not believe. Pray for the Church, which is breaking up. Be closer, with prayer, to all those who, though suffering, do not draw near to their Creator.

I have been speaking to and counseling so many of you for so long, demonstrating all my love for you, but so have my terrible sufferings for my distant and disobedient children. I ask you again, tiny remnant, help me!

Now, more than ever, have I needed to suffer and cry for those behaviors of yours not not ruled by the commandments of God. Help these children of mine to recover their sense and, above all, to believe in hell, true eternal torture for souls.

I love you so much. Be awake. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared. May God the Father bless you.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

Jesus, Perfect Builder

It is I, your Jesus, but my Mother is here, near Me. Dear children, your life is like a ball of yarn – it unrolls as you like it, some more slowly, others more quickly. As you unroll the ball, your works are achieved well or not according to the difficulties that your masterpiece requires.

Your life is that ball of yarn that I have wound with such love and attention. I follow the unfolding of your life. Not all balls of yarn have the same length – and length, as you know well, does not mean perfection.

I follow you and suggest to you what to do to fulfill, in the best way, your sometimes difficult works. My children, so dear to me, do not disappoint me. Take it upon yourselves to do your works in the best way possible.

This is the moment that will decide how to be able to make the last refinements. You know well that it is not so much bringing work forward as soon as possible, but to bring it to completion in the best way possible.

I pray you, think well on bringing to perfection your way of life. My Mother and I follow you and with such love we suggest how to finish and perfect, to our likeness, the masterpiece of your life.

The world can give you so many disappointments, but if you continue to believe in our help, even the last part of the roll will give a perfect finish. Take care, therefore, in unrolling, to the very end, the ball of yarn of your earthly life.

I bless you. Your balls of yarn are safe in my hands.

Jesus, Perfect Builder