Mary, Perpetual Love

My dearest children, never forget the love that Jesus has for you. I know you are living through hard times, but precisely for this reason you must have the certitude that only the love that my Son has for you will save you from the most difficult and painful trials.

You know well that his Cross is the sign that you must hold as the only way, the certain road of salvation. Have no fear. You will succeed in overcoming every difficulty that appears before you, day after day. Remember that the faith you have in God will save you from every evil.

Trials, unfortunately, will appear before you suddenly, but pray with the certainty that Jesus is next to you and will protect you as only He knows how. I am with you. You will come across dangers that, in your eyes, will seem insurmountable, but Jesus, through Me, will protect you.

Never forget that prayer can move mountains. Man, at a certain point, will have to render an account of his smallness. Properly for this reason, so many of you have renounced faith. They have been taken over by indecision, fears. They will no longer understand the meaning of so many insuperable trials.

Pray, my dear children. The Creator of the world will soon return to put an end to all this ruin. He has given you all of Himself, but you have reciprocated only with disobedience.

My dear ones, repent of all your sins, otherwise you will lose eternal life. My love for you holds the evil one far away, but you, return to Christ. I love you and, if you want, you will be saved.

Mary, Perpetual Love

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted

My dear children, if you give glory to God, it means that you place yourselves in his hands without any hesitation. I tell you that no on can give you certitude more than He. Do not fear in these difficult times, because the darkness that covers your minds cannot change the path or the thought of the Almighty.

Entrust yourselves totally to Him, who has thought of you forever, and do not waste your time behind those who could mislead you. He who Is can change your life, rendering them similar, in ways big and small, to my Son Jesus.

Even He is made man on earth, but his spirit never left the place that awaits even you who live on earth, according to his Word.

I advise each of you to follow the path that leads to God. Certainly, at times, it can seem uncomfortable, but I assure you that it will lead you to heaven, the dwelling that will give you that joy that you cannot yet taste on earth.

Why fear, why suffer, why seek what we cannot yet unveil to you? Have trust, total trust, in your God and, in the time to come, you will find a response to every question of yours.

I repeat: fear not. I counsel you always for your good. There remains nothing for you but to entrust yourselves blindly to my word, because it is Jesus who is making use of Me to reach you.

Be strong in trials. Victory will be for all the children who have believed without seeing. Dear children, the blessing of Jesus is descending upon each of you. Entrust yourselves to Him, who can do all things.

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted

Mary, Help of Christians

Listen, my daughter: all your preoccupations will vanish if you entrust yourselves totally to your God. At times, it seems that you forget that He who has made heaven and earth can decide, at every moment, what He himself wants. Do you know what these words of mine mean? Therefore, if you believe in Him, you cannot be worried about what you are seeing and living through.

The Father loves his children and, if it needs to happen, he will permit even what might not seem good to your eyes. Who says that in difficult moments there will be brethren of yours who will convert their hearts?

You know, sufferings often help one to reflect. You are my children and each of you, finding himself before an obstacle, thinks right away of climbing over it. You see, you have in your heart a positive part that makes one always go forward, but temptation sometimes makes you go back, carrying negativity and disobedience with respect to the Father.

Dear children, you always have two possibilities, to do good and win, to do evil and lose. These times are shedding light, with yet more evidence, on good and evil, with particular clarity. Decide to open your heart to Him who has given his life for you, my Son.

I always intercede for you when you open your heart to me. Every time that you have me enter, I will not disappoint you. A mother always gives the best to her own children. I love you, I listen to you, I protect you, and I will always defend you, from the ancient serpent. Pray and rejoice; what awaits you is peace, joy, eternal light.

Mary, Help of Christians

Mary, Queen of Peace

My children, if you have faith in the grace of my Son, you must not fear any sickness. Do not make up useless dramas, but entrust yourselves totally to God. Dear children, I repeat this to you totally, so that you might live in the serenity of faith.

Only by believing in God can you overcome the times in which you are living. Unfortunately, man wants to overcome what his Lord has fulfilled for his children, for their living, for their health, for their true necessity.

I, your Mother, pray you to entrust those dear to you to Jesus. My Son cannot disappoint those who love him. I pray you, do not believe the word of men, but throw yourselves into the arms of God. Only with his help can you overcome all the evils that Satan is pouring around each of you.

Believe me, only by returning to loving and obeying your God can you live in serenity of spirit. Too many of you think you make the right decisions, but often it is only a disappointment and a waste of time.

Far from God and from his Word you cannot walk on the right road, because the ancient serpent, with his trickery, leads you astray without your being aware of it. Feed on the Body of Christ and you will be saved.

With Him you cannot fear, because the devil has already been conquered in the same moment in which you are consciously victors, enjoying the sonship of a God One and Three.

I bless you. Let my pure love fill you with serenity.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Your Sorrowful Mother

My daughter, it is I, Mary of Sorrows. How could I be happy in these times, when my children are suffering incredibly! Never, as in these times, am I close to you, but for each of you there are great trials to overcome.

Pray and do not let yourselves be intimidated by all this. Think that, at the end of the tribulations, you will have uncontainable joy.

Fight this battle as true heroes, as true sons of God, and all will end in your favor. We will never abandon you, but continue to believe in the unique love of God and walk along the way that He himself will show you moment by moment.

You know very well that he will lead you close to Himself for ever. And who Is like God? Be strong, pray, and offer up your trials because exactly vengeance for trials will bring you to eternal joy.

I never leave you, but entrust to me your families, all the Church, and the whole world. Think only on doing good and every trial will become easier to overcome.

The world is turning upside down. That which is good and beautiful becomes impossible and unlivable, but I am always with you and will not allow that any harm come to you more than you can handle. Jesus, now more than ever, is close to you. He loves you and precisely through his passion that He himself has suffered he will not allow that any harm come to you more than you can confront and handle.

I am near you. Entrust yourselves to Me with all your heart and you will have the strength that I, myself, had in the moment of the Cross. I bless you, I love you, and I will give you the strength that you need.

Your Sorrowful Mother

Mary, She Who Shows the Way

Dear children, let the prayer most recited on your lips be that which distinguishes you from those who do not have faith. Recite the Creed with sincerity. Yes, my children, all prayers arrive before God, but if you recite this prayer from the depths of your heart, you present yourselves to the Father in first person.

Your first words are precisely – I Believe – and the Trinity welcomes your precious words with great joy. Perhaps you are not aware of what you are repeating, but the Father accepts your prayer, especially when you bear witness to the resurrection of the dead and life eternal!

In these times, your politicians should often recite these words, but it is, unfortunately, precisely they who do not believe in eternal life. Otherwise, they would not commit such sins, especially those against the Most Holy Trinity.

Dear children, pray the creed just to present to my Son these brethren of yours. Earthly life passes even for them and, unfortunately, if they do not change their life, they will lose it for ever.

I am coming to you precisely so that you bear your witness of faith to these non-believing brethren. The world will pass away and the words of the Creed will help you pass through the judgment of God.

Never be bearers of injustice. Even accept injuries because of your Creed, but never forget that you, in your poverty, will be true victors, those truly called and rewarded by God.

Dear children, I love you. Give no ear to those who want to bring you down the wrong road. I bless you and comfort you in the moment of trial.

Mary, She Who Shows the Way

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Today, let us sing praise to God, because he has done great things for all his children. Dear children, I, like a humble handmaid, responded with my “Yes.” He has made use of the smallest of his creatures to bring to you his most beloved Son.

Your Lord Jesus Christ has loved me as only He knows how, sincerely, totally, a love that will never have limits. He is able to offer his young life for all of you.

I, with him, have suffered for this sacrifice, but, like Him, I still offer myself to the Father for each one of you. The love of a mother cannot be measured. It is always ready to give its life.

Dear children, take example from Me. You have a Father who has given life through his great love, but you, seek to merit eternal life. That which you are living is nothing before that which is eternal.

My children, I want you all with Me. For this reason I come to you, with my presence among you. I want to encourage you, above all now, in these dark times in which you are living.

Look ahead, have no fear, because no one can ever take from you eternal life. Offer your sacrifices so that even those children of mine who are farthest off might draw near to the love of God. I pray you, love as I love you. With your good example, convince those who are farthest from the Eternal Father.

I am here and I bless you on the day you have dedicated to me. I love you, dear children, and will never tire of encouraging you in these dark times in which you are living.

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Mary, Help of Christians

My such beloved children, all that you are living through is the fruit of your humanity. If you thought a little with the spiritual part that is in you, all, suddenly, would change.

Pray for all your brethren who are far from God. For them, there are being prepared days of insurmountable pains. For you who have faith in my Son, all will be less difficult, more bearable.

With my prayers I will help you in the most difficult moments, but understand well that, without the help of God, life will become a hell. Pray for the church put to hard trial, for your priests, and for all those Christians who believe more in the things of the world than in God, the absolute master of all things.

Your world has been destroyed by Satan and do you know why? Because you have allowed him to by turning away from my Son who, for you, has offered his life on the Cross.

Dear children, began to think with the heart. Without mutual love, you block true life.

You no longer experience any joy. Your life becomes harder every day, and yet you still do not understand that all these negativities, you permit them with your wicked example, living out your existence as if life depended, exclusively, on your sick minds.

With there being no more love, you do not allow God to take care of you. My dear children, you who still believe in God, offer yourselves for your non-believing brethren. Pray incessantly for them and the Father might still be able to open their hearts.

Love and pray. I bless you with the Love of God.

Mary, Help of Christians

Mary, Most Holy Mother

My dearest children, my cenacle is in poverty today. My children have deserted prayer and do not understand that they will no longer be able to recover the time they use for doing useless things in order to offer it to God.

My Son is displeased when he sees that his children do not understand what they are losing when their presence differs from my call.

My children, pray that your Eternal Father not punish you heavily to show you your errors. I dedicate all my time to you. I love you so much and will still do everything possible to bring you back to Him, who has thought of you forever.

You are born to live in joy. Do not destroy your “passage” on earth, otherwise you will lose the most beautiful part of your life. But how do you not understand that your Father has created you to give you, together with his infinite love, all of beautiful eternity!

Dear children, stop a moment and reflect: why lose the better part that has been promised to you? Why not understand how great your recompense will be if you will have obeyed the word of God?

I help you to discern good from evil but your “I” is hard in understanding. You let yourselves be won over in temptation. The devil knows your weaknesses and you do nothing to overcome them.

My children, kneel at the foot of the Crucified One and let your heart be opened before such suffering and such love. Remember, only One is God. The others are gods; do not lose yourselves through them.

I bless you, holding you tightly to Me.

Mary, Most Holy Mother

Mary, Your Model of Life

My such beloved children, let no one dare say: “But I did not know!” It has been some time now that my Son has been speaking of his “Second Coming.” Do not yourselves, therefore, be found unprepared.

Pray and make others pray, because the times in which you are living will speed up our coming among you. It seems impossible, but most of you believe in all things earthly and inexact, rather than in the truthful Word of my Son.

I am near you in every way. I want to save your souls, that they might rejoice forever near Us.

Be humble, but do not permit the cunning to do you harm with lies, half truths, things invented from scratch. Remember that the things of the world will pass away, but life will be eternal only for those of you who will have respected the Commandments that have been given to you precisely so that you not run into the errors that would carry you into certain death, that which is eternal.

Continue, above all, to feed on the Eucharist, the only food that maintains the body, but above all, gives life to the spirit.

Live out well this waiting. You know very well that it has nothing to do with death, but with a new life full of love, of friendship, and of true fraternity. Jesus invites you to bear witness with life, with the good, and with true love. Leave behind the sin that brings you to true death.

Dear children, have no fear of those who can kill the body, but console yourselves by thinking about your tomorrow, full of true life, of true joy, of true truth.

I bless you and thank you.

Mary, Your Model of Life