Mary, Mother of All Peoples

My such beloved children, I bless you with every blessing through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I, the Mother of all peoples, am with you.

Dear children, bend your knees. By this gesture you will receive all the graces for which you ask. You do not yet understand that before the Most Holy Trinity, you must incline your head and bend your knees. From this gesture of humility toward God, be sure that you will be heard as children.

Every father asks for respect within his family and every son listens to his father, recognizing priority and teaching toward them. And so, I tell you, the Father of heaven has given you life and makes you enjoy every good created for you; does he not merit a small gesture from you toward him?

Sometimes you ask for graces as if you expected them by right. My children, have good sense and goodness beyond respect toward the Creator of the world. You are small, capricious children who presume, without any merit, what you desire.

I love you so much and intercede at every moment for each of you, but I ask you, from the bottom of my heart, to realize, when you pray to whom you are asking graces and sometimes miracles.

The Father and the Son send the Holy Spirit and you often do not recognize this intervention of God toward you.

I pray you, bend your knees. Even the priest, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, renders thanks by bending his knees. Dear children, take example from your consecrated ones.

Bow your head and with humilty, from now on, when you ask, know how to give thanks, above all, with a humble genuflection. Jesus blesses you and thanks you if you put into practice this little counsel of mine.

Mary, Mother of All Peoples

Jesus and Mary

I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. Whoever believes in Me, even if he dies, will live.

My children, I repeat to you what I told my first disciples: do you believe in this? I assure you eternal life, and not whoever says, “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father.

My dearest children, I am sending you again my Mother, if you would listen to her! She indicates to you the way that leads to my Father and this she does as only a mother knows how.

I repeat it to you, until each of her children understands that only with the love of God will you have life, true life, that which is eternal. My Father is about to employ his justice. You cannot say, “But I did not know, I am not ready, give me another chance”; you will have to answer for your actions.

I warn you, make up your mind for a deep conversion of the heart. I address above all the youth – stop for a moment, make a long examination of conscience, repent of the evil you have done until now and draw near to the Table that will give you the Bread of life. Only then will you be fed and will you find that happiness you have always coveted.

Follow the counsels of my Mother and your Mother, draw close to Her side, speak with her of your problems and then you will understand that only with Her can you resolve them. We love you so much, you are our chosen race and we want you all with us.

Dear children, make up your minds, time is pressing. Procure for yourselves that bread that will feed you eternally. I bless you. My Mother extends her hand upon you. Be obedient. May our love be always with you.

Jesus and Mary

Sorrowful Mary

My dear children, my love for you is great but I do not see, on your part, many positive responses. I am sorry to see that in your life, everything counts more than prayer.

Before that manger what have you promised? And what have you asked for in return? Realize that the spiritual part of you is becoming all the poorer. You know well that the times in which you are living are not the best, but you do nothing to make them better.

God the Father is still biding his time, but in the end he will settle his accounts with you. Then you will understand, my dear adored children, why he addresses you by calling you a “little remnant.”

You are free to choose God or Satan, but then you must not be regretful because each of you will be responsible for his own choice.

For most of my children, Holy Christmas serves to get drunk. Yes, dear children, not only alcohol intoxicates, but also your thoughts when they are contrary to the message of God.

Spirituality in my children is no longer fed, and it is for this reason that so many of you will not have life, that which is eternal. My Son, in his infinite goodness, has let himself be crucified for you and how have you reciprocated?

Dear children, acknowledge your sins and wrest yourselves from this destructive sleep. Pray and fast from all that distances you from God, otherwise you will have nowhere to flee. Satan will give you what you have chosen in full liberty.

I yet pray for you; I do not want to lose you. Open your hearts to that Child whom you have not celebrated.

Sorrowful Mary

Mary, Mother of Jesus

And the Word was made flesh and came to dwell among you. Among you, my children, you who have not yet understood what a great gift you have had.

My Son has given you his life. Do you understand this great mystery? For all of you has he let himself be crucified, for each of you, and how are thanking him? By not doing his will.

My children, not this way. Think at least now during the days that precede His coming, think first of all about asking him forgiveness.

Forgiveness for your little faith, forgiveness for all the evil that you, children, are doing to each other, forgiveness for all the blasphemies against His Father, forgiveness for the nature that you are poisoning.

My children, you are living these days as if my Son had not given his life for the sole purpose of opening again for you the door of his Kingdom that, otherwise, after the sin of your first parents, would have remained closed forever.

I implore you, for your salvation, repent of evil and do good. I am with you, but if you do not open to me your hearts I cannot force you. At least in this period, be aware that only from that poor cradle will come to you salvation.

Invoke the Holy Spirit, who makes you understand how from that little Child comes to you indispensable grace. I have always consoled you and amidst uncertainties have helped you, giving you strength and courage. Now I ask you to open to me your heart. Let my Son restore you.

I bless you, I urge you to act only for your good and that of your brethren. Jesus is always ready to forgive.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Mother of the Church

Greetings, my dear children. You remember me in this time, in my feasts and apparitions, and so I ask you: open to me your hearts, so that I may fill them with the blessings of my Son. Now more than ever must you draw close to the Holy Eucharist.

Without the life that Jesus gives with his Body, you will perish. Yes, my children, true life is not that of the body, but rather spiritual life that never ends. Just as you nourish your mortal body, all the more must you nourish the Spirit, who will allow you to enter into eternal life.

Dear children, the love that God has for you is incommensurable. Seek to merit this great love. Fight against Satan, who never leaves you alone, who wants to destroy humanity – and you often let him do it.

Do not listen to him in temptations. Resist him. What he shows you as desirable is exactly what opens to you the gates of hell.

My children, make sure it is not too late. Run to me more often. My Son listens to and blesses your requests, above all when they are made from the bottom of your hearts.

Pray before his Body, adore Him, expose to Him your difficulties. He will hear you above all if what you ask is for the good of your families. Dear children, the family has been put to hard trial. Within it there is no more disinterested love. There is no more unity, for lack of love.

I tell you, you are still in time. Entrust to me your young ones; pray for them, otherwise they will have no future. I love you, I intercede for you, but you, mothers, above all, offer to me sacrifices for your children and I promise you that you will not remain disappointed.

I love you, I bless you, I press you to my Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Church

Mary Immaculate

My dear children, I accept your song dedicated to Me. Today is truly a preparation for the remembrance of my Immaculateness. Dear children, share with me the gift of purity. Today this is no longer in style, but I assure you that, for my Son, your purity and chastity are very much in his heart.

You do not want stains on your clothes; likewise for us your soul must be without the stain of sin, and for this reason, then, you should ask for the gift of purity.

Your land is becoming all the more covered with rot, and while you understand that there has been a negative change in your daily living, you do nothing to improve your situation.

Turn to me in difficult moments and together we will fix so many errors. Do not lose any more time. The times are shortening inexorably and delays are not good. I am with you and always remind you that every time is the right time. It depends only on you to make good or poor use of it.

Listen to me. Seek to improve a little every day and you will realize that it is not so difficult to do the will of God. What pleases the Most Holy Trinity is to bring all of you to the heavenly goal.

Your life, if lived in purity, will bring you joy, grace, and love. Resist temptations. Be strong and all will appear less complicated for you. I love you and help you in prayer to overcome the many obstacles that would be impossible for you to overcome on your own.

Let us defeat Satan. I am with you precisely to help you to be strong, true victors against all that is evil. I await you before the altar on the day of my feast to bring you blessing and grace.

Mary Immaculate

Mary, Mother of Help

Write. I could never not love my children, even if they don’t want me, don’t love me, don’t consider me their mother, I love them. My such dear children, a mother suffers and offers herself for each of her children.

I have suffered much for my Son but I have never abandoned him. Not only this, I have shared his sufferings. Mothers, I tell you, a son is loved more particularly when one sees him suffer.

This is true love, this is giving oneself, this is living for our neighbor. Seek to love more; it is easy to love those who love you but one gains more, on the spiritual level, when love is not reciprocated.

My Son accepts your prayers above all when you are not repaid and reciprocated on earth. Giving is not expecting to be returned to you. Freely you have had, freely give.

I always bring you Jesus. I love all of you in the same way and desire your joy and your salvation. You will have all the more a tomorrow, if today you give without being given to in return.

Pray for your families, whom Satan has put to the test with fury. Your children need your prayers more than ever. Offer them for their salvation. Resist temptation, pray, do penance. Each of you possesses my weapon; use it, remove every possibility to Satan.

I love you. My Son is with you. Do not look for the goods of down below, but aspire above all to the love of God. I bless you. I am your Mother and my Son is your help. Remember this when you are in temptation.

Mary, Mother of Help

Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher

Do you now believe? Did I not tell just tell you, “I will astonish you”?

I have brought you, unexpectedly, my priest – do you now believe that it is I, myself, who speaks with you? It is true that for my children it is easier to believe in earthly lies, but believe me, my daughter, my Spirit speaks, and even much so, but most of you do not set your ear to such a voice.

My daughter, I have been conceived without sin, but I have never doubted but have said, “Thy will be done.” I ask you now to believe; it is I who speaks with you.

You wanted proof, now you have had it for umpteenth time. Believe, and you will see the glory of God. I am always with you. A mother always puts her children first, and you moms, at least in this, do believe.

Do you know why you are living through these difficult times? Because of your little faith, the churches are emptying and my Son remains in the tabernacle all the more alone. Dear children, take up again the way that leads you to Jesus, or you will not be forgiven your sins.

You say, “But it is not a fault if I spread out my visits to church”, and yet I tell you: whoever loves desires to be more often with the beloved, and do you love my Son? He has given his life for you and you reciprocate with solitude, indifference, little love.

My dear children, do not leave Jesus in solitude in his house. He needs you in order to be able to save you. Listen to me, if I come to you it is because I see the danger, the dangers which you are living through.

I do not leave you. I cover you with my mantle but you, believe in the Father, praise him, in the Son, love him, in the Holy Spirit, call upon him at every moment.

I bless you, dear children. Believe – believe – believe.

Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher

Mary, Queen of Peace

My favored Son sends me again to you and I obey. Be yourselves also obedient and all your worries will vanish in a breath. Dear children, we are still far from the will of the Father. I seek to inculcate in you good intentions but too few of you listen to me.

Be more attentive, realize that your times are shortening. Day by day, seek to realize the plan that God has for each of you. Be aware that these are particularly difficult times. Seek to face them in the light of God, or you will find yourselves living them with difficulty.

The world has changed all the systems that the Father had pre-established for you, for your living serenely and in fraternal union with each other.

My dear children, it is no longer thus. Everything has changed and many of you are in a state of suffering, be it physical or spiritual. Pray, pray, pray, or you will no longer be able to replace what you have destroyed by your doing apart from the will of God.

I offer to God all your requests, but you, seek to merit his love. Man has become too proud and no longer accepts advice like he once did. You cannot bring anything about without the will of God. Seek to realize, as soon as possible, that, on your own, you will never come from anywhere.

I listen to you. Ask, above all, for the peace that you have managed to put in danger in every occasion. Without peace you will no more be able to live long.

Call upon my help and I will intercede for you, my such beloved children. Seek, first of all, the love of God and peace will return. Be sincere and understanding toward your brethren.

Mary, Queen of Peace

Mary, Queen of the Family

Dear children, I am She who will return among you to place under my feet the ancient serpent. My heart will then triumph and all my children who have believed in my Son will triumph in joy and will enjoy, finally, better days.

Do not be afraid if you must still confront dark days. I am with you and will help you in every difficulty. Pray for your families. Seek to reunite persons who have not respected matrimonial union.

You know that the first act of disobedience was precisely this. The devil succeeded in coming between man and woman. Even today the story repeats itself, but spouses do not understand how much they have destroyed in separating.

Children lose all orientation. They no longer find joy in the faces of their parents. They no longer believe in the most important values and often fall into the same error as their parents. Dear children, how can you then give good example to your youth? If they repeat the same errors, see how families self-destruct.

You are picking up the pieces of this great rupture. Entrust to me your children. Take refuge under my mantle. Find again the right words to bring your children back to meditating on their errors.

Family is the first refuge; only in it can you find what you need: love, sharing, counsel, hope, joy, and above all, unity.

I implore you, pray for peace in the family and you will see with your own eyes the world changing. I pray for you but you, listen to me or else sufferings will increase for you and those dear to you.

Pray and fast, give new birth to the family. I bless you. Be united in family love blessed by God.

Mary, Queen of the Family