Mary, Help of Christians

My such beloved children, all that you are living through is the fruit of your humanity. If you thought a little with the spiritual part that is in you, all, suddenly, would change.

Pray for all your brethren who are far from God. For them, there are being prepared days of insurmountable pains. For you who have faith in my Son, all will be less difficult, more bearable.

With my prayers I will help you in the most difficult moments, but understand well that, without the help of God, life will become a hell. Pray for the church put to hard trial, for your priests, and for all those Christians who believe more in the things of the world than in God, the absolute master of all things.

Your world has been destroyed by Satan and do you know why? Because you have allowed him to by turning away from my Son who, for you, has offered his life on the Cross.

Dear children, began to think with the heart. Without mutual love, you block true life.

You no longer experience any joy. Your life becomes harder every day, and yet you still do not understand that all these negativities, you permit them with your wicked example, living out your existence as if life depended, exclusively, on your sick minds.

With there being no more love, you do not allow God to take care of you. My dear children, you who still believe in God, offer yourselves for your non-believing brethren. Pray incessantly for them and the Father might still be able to open their hearts.

Love and pray. I bless you with the Love of God.

Mary, Help of Christians

Mary, Most Holy Mother

My dearest children, my cenacle is in poverty today. My children have deserted prayer and do not understand that they will no longer be able to recover the time they use for doing useless things in order to offer it to God.

My Son is displeased when he sees that his children do not understand what they are losing when their presence differs from my call.

My children, pray that your Eternal Father not punish you heavily to show you your errors. I dedicate all my time to you. I love you so much and will still do everything possible to bring you back to Him, who has thought of you forever.

You are born to live in joy. Do not destroy your “passage” on earth, otherwise you will lose the most beautiful part of your life. But how do you not understand that your Father has created you to give you, together with his infinite love, all of beautiful eternity!

Dear children, stop a moment and reflect: why lose the better part that has been promised to you? Why not understand how great your recompense will be if you will have obeyed the word of God?

I help you to discern good from evil but your “I” is hard in understanding. You let yourselves be won over in temptation. The devil knows your weaknesses and you do nothing to overcome them.

My children, kneel at the foot of the Crucified One and let your heart be opened before such suffering and such love. Remember, only One is God. The others are gods; do not lose yourselves through them.

I bless you, holding you tightly to Me.

Mary, Most Holy Mother

Mary, Your Model of Life

My such beloved children, let no one dare say: “But I did not know!” It has been some time now that my Son has been speaking of his “Second Coming.” Do not yourselves, therefore, be found unprepared.

Pray and make others pray, because the times in which you are living will speed up our coming among you. It seems impossible, but most of you believe in all things earthly and inexact, rather than in the truthful Word of my Son.

I am near you in every way. I want to save your souls, that they might rejoice forever near Us.

Be humble, but do not permit the cunning to do you harm with lies, half truths, things invented from scratch. Remember that the things of the world will pass away, but life will be eternal only for those of you who will have respected the Commandments that have been given to you precisely so that you not run into the errors that would carry you into certain death, that which is eternal.

Continue, above all, to feed on the Eucharist, the only food that maintains the body, but above all, gives life to the spirit.

Live out well this waiting. You know very well that it has nothing to do with death, but with a new life full of love, of friendship, and of true fraternity. Jesus invites you to bear witness with life, with the good, and with true love. Leave behind the sin that brings you to true death.

Dear children, have no fear of those who can kill the body, but console yourselves by thinking about your tomorrow, full of true life, of true joy, of true truth.

I bless you and thank you.

Mary, Your Model of Life

Mother, Co-Redemptrix

Dear children, I am here in your midst and I care for each one of my children who are suffering because of such calamities. Blessed are you who understand that only with prayer will you succeed in finding true peace and love for all those like you.

It is time to awake from the sleep that has sustained you in apparent calm. You know very well that the earth is no longer giving you the fruit that it must, but, unfortunately, you must make a mea culpa and roll up your sleeves, lessening the bitter moments that would reduce your life in joy and satisfactions.

You must not doze off thinking that, even by not reacting, you could return everything to its place. It is not so. The damage that you have done in all the world will not disappear as if a curse were lifted. Roll up your sleeves, bend your knees, and make a mea culpa, because no longer will anything be able to take up again the place waiting for it from the beginning of creation.

You wanted to take the place of God, but unfortunately for you, you are once again constrained to walk back if you want to put things back in their place.

Dear children, hands and mind will serve you little if you do not put first obedience to the Most High. Entrust yourselves to God and do not fear anything, not even in these difficult times.

I will not abandon you, because I know well your needs, but you, call more often upon my help. Only my Son can fix all your errors. Pray that the darkness not take the place of the Light in your life.

Let my blessing bring you peace and joy, that of my Son. May he give you the Light to walk better. I love you.

Mother, Co-Redemptrix

The Risen Jesus

“I am the Lord, your God. You shall not have any other god besides Me.” My dearest children, remember the most important commandment that I have given you. Only thus will you be able to pass through my Gate.

Respect and adore your God, One and Three, and you will live in serenity of spirit all your life. Leave the other gods to those who do not know me. Pray for them and do not let yourselves be confused by their words.

I alone can give you the bread you need to satisfy your hunger. Draw near often to my Table. I promise you eternal life. No one else on earth can promise you likewise.

Pray and have others pray. Say, with all sincerity, that your God is the Only One who can give his obedient children eternal life.

You are taken in by so many doubts in these times of confusion, but if you succeed in obeying my laws, I assure you eternal joy.

Take good care, with your life, to show true love, my love, my friendship, my eternal mercy.

You are a disobedient people. Do not continue to behave in this way, otherwise I will have to use my justice.

Be prudent in spiritual matters just as you are in human ones. I prefer to use love, goodness, and charity with you. Do not provoke me, otherwise I will act. I love you so much. My Mother is here with Me and intercedes for you without ever tiring.

Love her and respect her. I bless you, dear children. Seek me in every situation and I will hear you out. Let my Grace be with you.

The Risen Jesus

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

My daughter, you are a mother and can understand me. Pray and have others pray for my most beloved sons, those dearest and most precious priest sons. There will come difficult times and I will be with them, but if they offer their prayers, their difficulties, their solitude, Jesus will give them the strength to face whatever difficulty.

I tell you also, be calm; nothing will be able to do you harm if you hold tightly on to Me with prayers and offerings.

There are so many of you who think you are doing the right things but it is not so. Speak little and act more. Your non-believing brethren need your works. Remember, the wind carries words away but good works remain in witness to your love for God.

Do not tire of doing good, which will remain with you as a consolation and offering in the decisive moment of your life. I pray you, what is urgently needed is your good sense and, above all, your love.

Open your hearts to Jesus and God will give you a hundredfold. Recite more often the holy rosary and offer it, first of all, for the Church, all its components, beginning with the pope, all the way to the smallest of my beloved children.

I, dear children, can count only on few of you, but I promise you that if you listen to my words, you will enjoy them upon your return to the kingdom of God.

Never mind those who say: Lord – Lord, and then do not operate according to the Gospel. You, dear children, pray in silence and act according to the Word of your Christ, dead on the cross for you.

I bless you. Use often my weapon and do not fear. Nothing negative will touch you. Be of service, like Me.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

Mary, Mother and Mistress

Peace to you, children of my peace. Continue with your prayers to illuminate the way for so many of your brethren, who live perennially in darkness. So many, too many, of my children have lost the way that leads to my Son Jesus.

You, my little remnant, do not surrender to the perverse movements of the ancient serpent. I count on you, my little remnant. Do not let yourselves be done in by discomfort, because the awful things that are coming upon the earth will pass away and in heaven you will no longer remember all the sad and negative days.

Bring to me so many of my children who think only about satisfying the mortal part and forget the most important part, that which is spiritual. Remember that my Son will console you and reward with his love all his beloved children who have respected and followed his Divine Will.

Draw up often to the divine banquet. Feed on the Body and Blood of Jesus, because there will come times when you will no longer be able to draw close to Holy Communion. I am with you and will help you to fulfill the will of God.

A mother cannot abandon her children in a moment of need. I am near you more than ever and will not let Satan tempt you more that you can resist him.

Continue with your good example to do good works, console those who are in suffering, bring joy where there is sorrow, remind your brethren that I am in their midst, above all in moments more difficult to overcome.

I bless you, I defend you, and I protect you. Hope always in days more stupendous, more precious than fine gold, when you will see closely the face of Jesus.

Mary, Mother and Mistress

Mary, Mother of the Baptized

Dear children, your Mother was be here to wait for you. I am happy when you are ready to heed my call. Above all, after baptism, you are children of God to all effects.

Dear children, be holy, like in the moment in which you received the forgiveness of original sin. I tell you and remind you that baptism is the beginning of your true life. Today, like then, behave accordingly. Be always ready to heed the call of my Son.

There will come times that are difficult for those children who are not ready. I repeat: make it such that your baptism always be seen as if it were the first moment.

Do not behave like you were the masters of the world, but put in first place, in your heart and in your mind, Jesus, the Christ of God, that Christ who has offered himself for you on that wood of the Cross.

Let baptism free you from your sins every day. Pray with the Creed like in that day in which your parents and godparents did it for you. Console those brethren of yours who cannot make use of that baptismal grace.

Offer prayers and sacrifices for them. Speak to them of this sacrament. Tell them that baptism would wipe out all their sins. I am with you and help you in this mission of yours. Look upon the Kingdom of God, obeying its divine Laws.

Dear children, I count on you baptized. Speak with your brethren. Make it such that they can merit Paradise. I bless you and thank you for having responded with affection to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Baptized

Mary, She Who Will Win

My such beloved children, continue to ask me: Pray for us sinners! Never before, as in this time, have all of you needed my intercession.

Continue to pray, because only with my help will you be able to escape from this confusion that Satan is using to make you his prey. Only with my requests will the Father give you the time necessary for your conversion.

How is that you do not understand that the “Creator” is “The Only One”? Whatever you want to do, you must depend on the Only God. I never leave you; I think about and help each one of you according to your needs.

Pray, my dear children; perhaps many of you still are not able to change your ways. Remember that without praying to your Creator, you will never start out on the right way, the only way that will lead you to your Heavenly Homeland.

Pray with the heart. Address yourselves to Jesus, He who has wanted to give his life in exchange for your sins. My Son knows all your sufferings, especially those of the Spirit.

Be strong and never mind what they say who do not live in true faith. God will certainly concede to all of you the moment of conversion. I pray you, do not waste that time. Direct and give your heart, in that moment, to your Father, He who can save you from the pains of hell for all eternity.

I thank you for this time that you dedicate to me. Continue without growing tired. I bless you. Jesus is here and loves you for all eternity.

Mary, She Who Will Win

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Yes, I tell you – Be calm, because the Lord is with you. Dear children, listen to your Mother, who loves you and would never want your suffering. I tell you, rather, pray more and realize that your times are decisive for eternal life.

I always seek to console you in sadness and to encourage you when your spirit is lower in tone. If you truly believe, be cheerful; live in the love of God, think that, for you, there will certainly come true times, that is, times in which you will no longer remember the negativity of your world made only of poor humanity.

Be joyful, bring joy wherever you go. Show your brethren, above all those non believing, that whoever lives in the Light of God does not let sadness win.

Jesus is Life – the Truth and the Life – and you take part in eternal life. My dear children, the best way to live in joy is that which is perfect, the form of the way that leads to heaven.

Imitate your creator with your thoughts, words, and above all with works, and you will never have anything to envy in others.

Jesus cures your souls, protects them, and defends them from the evil one. It is not thus for those who live a sinful life and one far from the Creator. I love you so much and will not let my obedient children live in anguish and sadness.

Dear children, seek not to cross out of Catholic boundaries. Let my children live within the Word of God. Do not be deceived: outside of the Light there exists only darkness, that darkness that renders [all] blind and sad for you. I will continue to show you the true way.

Mary, Mother of Mercy